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Go Fish Marketplace, Inc.
Go Fish Capital
   A New Type of Investor & Financier
   Bringing Long-Term Growth Capital To eCommerce Sites

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7889 Clients
$ 47 Million Capital Invested
12 Years In Business

We Are Both An Investor & Financier To eCommerce Sites Big And Small, And We Want To Partner With You.


  • Compared To Lenders, As Investors We Offer A Faster Track of Scaling Up (More Money More Often) & Relaxed Payback, Up To 3 Years (6x Longer Than Competitors).
  • Share With Us 10%-20% Sales Commission (Your Choice) And We Will Give You All The Capital You Ever Need.
  • We Finance Your Advertising & Your Inventory, And You Pay Us Back After You Reach ROI, via Sales Commission From The Customers That We Bring On For You.



  • You Must Be Based In The United States
  • Have A Wordpress Site
  • $1,000 Minimum Monthly Revenue (Our Competitors Require $10k to $100k)



We are a direct financier, and we can issue up to $1 Million within 24 hours. No credit check, and no equity is given. We want to be your only and last capital provider by providing you all of the capital you ever need as you scale up.

Compared to loans, we offer a faster track & relaxed payback. Lenders look at your revenue as your ability to repay, which limits your funding amount, where we look at your return on ad spend.

We know eCommerce well, and we know that some profit from a customer comes immediately, when they sign up, but most comes down the road as they make their 2nd and 3rd purchase to fill out their LTV (Lifetime Value), so we "hold the cost of capital" for you, up to 3 years, until you reach ROI (when a sale occurs), and that is when you pay us back, via sales commission. You can also use 20% of the capital that we give you for purchasing inventory or other company costs.

You choose how much sales commission percentage you wish to share with us (the higher percentage you choose entices us as investors to fund you, and to provide you with more capital, and it also returns the capital to us more quickly so that we can re-up you with more capital once we see that you are providing us with an ROI.

 More Reasons Why Our Way Is Better vs. Getting Loans

  • Loans require you to start fully paying all capital back quickly, right away (before you have received an ROI from the capital)
    • As long as your eCommerce site is producing well, you don't traditionally pay our capital back, you just share sales commission when a sale is made
  • You can typically only have one loan at a time
    • Once we see the capital come back to us, we will provide more capital in waves
    • The capital that we issue to you is an investment, so we can provide 10x more capital than a loan

A True Partnership Between Us

Lenders want you to pay them back and then they could care less about you, where we build a portfolio of your customers for ourselves that pays us sales commission, so we have "intrinsic motivation" to see "you" succeed, so that "we" can succeed.

We can offer you:

  • Free consulting and mentorship
  • And in the future, once Go Fish Capital joins all of our eCommerce site clients together, we will have a great deal of bargaining power to organize a purchase consortium for you that will allow all of our clients to purchase product inventory for a very deep discount.
  • The joint bargaining power that we will have together will also allow us to have 1 single extremely large shipping account that will bring you and all clients a very deep discount on shipping costs.

The goal will be to help you compete with Amazon by bringing you the same power that they have with economies of scale (reduced costs due to size).

The stronger you partner with us, the stronger we will partner with you. For example, once you prove your company to us by providing us an ROI, we will:

  • Eliminate any minimum monthly payment
  • Reduce the sales commission down to 10%
  • Fund you faster and more often, with even more relaxed payback
  • We also have an Angel Investor branch of Go Fish Capital that identifies the very highest performing eCommerce sites, and we will make you a lucrative buy-out offer.


How It Works:

After you accept our funding offer, we will pay you via ACH into your bank account, which you will use to finance your Google and/or Facebook Ads, with up to 20% to be used for any other company costs. Secondly, we will give you a tracking tag that you must put at the end of your ad urls to track which customers we are signing up for you. That's it. It's that simple. When the advertising brings in a visitor to your site, and they signup as a customer, you will see them on your own system, but also on your Go Fish admin panel.



Our whole system is automated, but if you wish to talk to us, you can call us anytime or chat with us via our chat widget. As long as you meet the basic requirements, our system will make you a funding offer as soon as you sign up based on all of your pre-qualifying information. 







Note: Customers that you signup yourself, including your existing customers will not show in your Go Fish Admin Panel, and as such, you will not get charged sales commission when they make a purchase. You only get charged on the customers that we bring you. Also, we do not make any contact with your customers in any way.

* For WooCommerce sites based in the USA only (More Integrations Coming Very Soon).

* We can only take on sites that Google and Facebook allows (No Hemp, CBD, Adult Content, or Recreational Drugs).

Step 1: Find Out If You Pre-Qualify



Step 2: Signup & Get My Funding Offer

This is the percentage of revenue that you wish to share from the sales that we bring you. The greater the number entices Go Fish Capital to fund you.