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Repayment Agreements
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Lender Requirements

  • Owner Must Be A US Citizen
  • Owner's Credit Score Must Be Greater Than 675
  • Lending Company Must Be Licensed (If Your State Requires)
  • Lending Company Must Have Default Insurance

  • The Process
  • We Provide Lenders A Pre-Qualification Web Page
  • After Your Borrower Signs Each Repayment Agreement, You Must Upload It Along With Your Cleint's ACH & Other Info
  • After We Review The Repayment Agreement, We'll Approve & Fund Your Client Directly, Via ACH
  • We Will Then Charge Your Client For You Each Month, Take Your Monthly Payment Due To Us, And Give You The Rest (Your Profit)
  • Your Loans Stay On Your Books And You Scale Up With Our Funds
  • Lender's Client/End-Borrower Requirements

  • The end-borrower business owner must be a US citizen.
  • The end-borrower business owner must not be committed to any simultaneous loan equal to or greater than 25% of the current loan being considered.
  • The end-borrower must not have any more than 15 active credit accounts.
  • The end-borrower must have current & expected Debt To Income ratio below 60%.
    1. If the end-borrower has a savings account equivalent to 6 months of debt payments their DTI is allowed to be as high as 75%.
    Credit Score Requirement:
  • Below 650 = Denial
  • 650 to 685 =
    1. Debt To Income (DTI) (shown above) must be 45% vs the standard 60%.
    2. If the lender’s client (the end-borrower) has a savings account equivalent to 6 months of debt payments, their DTI is allowed to be as high as 60%.
    3. Only Up To $25,000 could be offered.
  • 686 to 699 = Up To $40,000 could be offered.
  • 700 to 749 = Up to $75,000 could be offered.
  • 750 to 850 = Up to $100,000 could be offered.
  • We Honor Signed Repayment Agreements As Expected Revenue

    We're The Only Lender That Funds Lender's Loans When...

  • ...When The Lender Has Zero Current Revenue
  • ...When The Lender Has Zero Historical Revenue
  • ...When The Lender Just Started Business
  • ...When All The Lender Has To Show Is A Signed Repayment Agreement

  • Lender Financing Is Offered As Follows:
  • $5,000 To $9,999 = 8% APR Annual Interest
  • $10,000 To $29,999 = 7% APR Annual Interest
  • $30,000 To $99,999 = 6% APR Annual Interest
  • Why We Are Better

    When You Become A Member Lender

    You will become a long-term partner, where we agree to fund all of your loans as long as they meet our pre-defined criteria. Typical lenders want you to pay them back and then they could care less about your business, where, if you choose to partner with us, we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship that bears fruit constantly. We help your business scale-up 10x to 100x faster than if you were to get periodic loans from other lenders, re-issue that capital, and apply for another loan. And when you succeed, "we" succeed with you.

    We Truly Care About Your Success

    Services We Provide

    You Are Covered In These Areas

    We provide you with a white-label web page that allows you to let your borrowers pre-qualify themselves, or you can log into your Go Fish Admin Panel to fill out the pre-qualification form for one of your borrowers. Then you will know if Go Fish Capital will fund the loan or not. Only in cases of possible fraud would we positvely pre-qualify one of your borrowers and then not be able to fund your loan with them.

    We can finance your lending business with 10x to 100x more capital than other lenders.

    We know lending as well as anyone, and we share our knowledge with you to help you succeed with best practices.

          Step 1: Find Out If You Pre-Qualify

    Yes No


          Step 2: Signup & Get Your Initial Funding Offer

    Owner's Personal Address:


    Choose The Type Of Relationship That You Want:
    • (You will pay a minimum monthly payment + interest.)
    • (Each time capital is paid back. You will be given a new loan.)
    • (You will pay a minimum monthly payment + interest
      that is reduced by any sales commission from any of your customers each month.)
    • (If you provide us an ROI you will receive 10X more capital.)
    • (After principal is paid back, you will continue to share sales commission only from the customers that our capital brought to you.)



    Our Little Story

    Something About Us

    Go Fish Capital is a unique direct finacier for small to medium sized lenders. Unlike typical loan institutions, we help small lenders achieve their dreams by providing the capital they need to grow in "abundance."

    Our lender clients work closely with us to pre-qualify their borrowers and get funded the same day or within 24 hours.

    Clients' Testimonials

    • Your site is like a God-send.

    • This is just what the industry needed.

    Our Little Story

    How It Works

    When you sign up we review your application for approval, and as long as you meet the pre-mentioned criteria you should have no problem getting approved. Then, we provide you with a web page that you can embed into your website that will pre-qualify all of your applicants based on our pre-mentioned criteria. After your borrower is pre-qualified using the web page that we provided you, we review the end-borrower's application for final approval. You can also see all of your borrower applicants in your Go Fish Admin Panel at all times. We are a direct lender, and we can issue as little as $5,000 up to $100,000 directly to your borrower within 24 hours. No hard credit check, just a soft pull that does not effect the lender's or the end-borrower's credit score. We want to be your last capital provider by providing you all of the capital you ever need to scale-up your lending business.

    Our whole system is automated, but if you wish to talk to us, you can call us anytime or chat with us via our chat widget.

    * We do not fund sites that show Hemp, CBD, Adult Content, or Recreational Drugs.