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8589 Clients
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We're A New Type Of Investor.

We Finance Your Advertising, And You Pay Us Sales Commission.

Share With Us 10%-50% (Your Choice) And We Will Give You All The Capital You Ever Need.

We Fund Just About Any eCommerce Site, Including Yours, Just Some Require A Higher Sales Commission.




  • Have A Wordpress Based Site In The United States
  • $3,000 Minimum Monthly Revenue
  • Use Google or Facebook For Your Advertising (The Higher The ROAS The Better)



We want to be the last and only capital provider you will ever have by providing you all of the capital you ever need as you scale up. We can issue up to $1 Million within 48 hours. No credit check, and no equity is given. As long as your sales commission is paying us, you don't need to pay the capital back like a loan. You choose how much sales commission percentage you wish to share with us (the higher percentage you choose entices us as investors to provide you with more capital in our official offer); if you choose a low percentage, we may not make you an offer. We want to invest into the very highest performing eCommerce sites and fund them permanantly.


How It Works:

You start by signing up and downloading our plugin. Next, after you accept our funding offer, we will pay you via ACH directly to your bank account, which you will use to finance your Google and/or Facebook Ads. You will also get a tracking tag that you must put at the end of your Ad urls to track which customers we are signing up for you. That's it. It's that simple.


(Relaxed) Payback Goal Is 24 Months:

Our goal is to fund companies that return our capital via sales commission within 6 months, but at bare minimum, we need to receive at least some of our money back throughout the 1st year, so here is how we structure our relationship...

We will fund you, and then we will require a minimum 1/24th share of the funding to be returned to us at the end of each month - either from sales commission (or) if not, it must be paid via an auto debit card payment from your bank account. For example, if you are funded $3,000 and 24 payments of $125 = $3,000...we would require $125 as the minimum required payment at the end of month, either via sales commission (or) via debit card payment. This insures that we, at the very least, get some of our money back in any event.

Once 100% of the original funding is returned to us, the minimum payment is no longer required.


Why We Must Ask For A Minimum Payment:

After we fund you, we typically have to wait a full year before we even start to get a return on the capital that we give you; we typically make our profit in the second year, forward. For example, you may get a 200% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), but when our sales commission is at 15%, that is only 15% (of) 200% = 30% of our money back, meaning, we must wait until the customers make their 2nd and third purchase before we even "break even."This is why we choose to fund companies that choose a higher sales commission number.

The stronger you partner with us, the stronger we will partner with you. For example, once you prove your company to us by providing us an ROI, we will eliminate the minimum payment requirement for, we will also reduce the sales commission down to 10% and let it stay there.


eCommerce Companies That We Are Looking For:

We are looking for the highest performing eCommerce sites that have the highest ROAS and highest (repeat) Average Customer Revenue (per month). When we find these companies we can fund them in a way that is ubundant, knowing that we will get our money back from sales commission regularly and ubundantly.

Note: Customers that you signup yourself, including your existing customers will not show in your Go Fish Admin Panel, and as such, you will not get charged sales commission when they make a purchase. You only get charged on the customers that we bring you. Also, we do not make any contact with your customers in any way


 Why Our Way Is Better vs. Getting Loans

  • Loans require you to start fully paying it back quickly, right away (before you have received an ROI from the capital)
    • As long as your eCommerce site is producing well, you don't traditionally pay our capital back, you just share revenue when a sale is made
  • Loans raise your debit to credit ratio and reduces your available credit
    • We do not report to credit bureaus, so our way does not lower your available credit
  • You can typically only have one loan at a time
    • Once we see the capital come back to us, we provide capital in investment waves
    • You can take in 10x or more than a typical loan
  • Venture Capitalists use this formula to evaluate the value of an eCommerce site: [CAC] / [LTV] = ROI
    • So your CAC = 0...therefore 0 / LTV = Infinite
    • Plainly speaking, we finance your Customer Acquisition Cost and allow you to share revenue when you reach ROI
    • So we finance CAC and "bridge" CAC to ROI. That makes your company very attractive to VCs or potential buyers




As long as you meet the basic requirements, we will make you a funding offer based on all of your pre-qualifying information. No credit check. If you wish to talk to us, you can call us anytime. Once you accept the offer, we will pay you via ACH to use to pay for your Google and/or Facebook Ads. We also issue you a tracking tag that you can put at the end of your Ad urls to track which customers we are signing up for you. That's it. It's that simple.

When the advertising brings in a visitor to your site, and they signup as a customer, you will see them on your own system, but also on your Go Fish admin panel.




* For WooCommerce sites based in the USA only (More Integrations Coming Very Soon).

* We can only take on sites that Google and Facebook allows (No Hemp, CBD, or other recreational drugs).

Step 1: Find Out If You Pre-Qualify



Step 2: Signup & Get My Funding Offer

This is the percentage of revenue that you wish to share from the customers that we bring you. The greater the number entices Go Fish Capital to fund you with more money, it also pays off the money that you borrow faster, allowing you to get reloaded with new capital faster. If you put a small percentage here, Go Fish may not make you a funding offer at all.