We Make You A Lender Instantly:

1. If you don't have an existing company, you must legally form one after you signup. That can be done online on sites like LegalZoom for $200.

   Go Fish Capital Provides You The Rest:
   2. We can optionally put you under our lending license as a "branch."
   3. Loan Management Software
   4. AI Driven Underwriting Decision Engine
   5. Compliance Approval From Credit Bureaus
   6. Unlimited Ongoing Capital For Lending
   7. A Borrower Application Web Page Or Code Snippet
   8. Underwriting & Processing Of Borrower Applications
   9. Funding & Payment Collection From Your Borrowers
   10. Loan Servicing (We Service Your Loans For You)
   11. Selling Your Loan Portfolio (If You Wish) After It Reaches $2M

We Finance Brand New & Small Lenders

We're The Only Lender Financier That Funds Lender's When...
  • ...The Lender Has Zero Current or Historical Revenue
  • ...The Lender Has Little Lending Experience
  • ...The Lender's Only Collateral Is A Signed Loan Agreement (Via Our Platform)

  • Patent-Pending Proprietary Process:
    We named the new proprietary lender finance model "Chain Lender Financing."
    Defined As: Establishing a reliable chain of debt financing where the lender becomes worthy of lender financing based on the creditworthiness & quality of the end-borrower & collecting loan payments from the end-borrower directly.
  • The lender and the end-borrower (both) get financed at the same time.
  • We act as a nominee on behalf of the lender to fund the end-borrower directly, and then we act as a payment processor to collect the loan payments from the end-borrower, we retain the amount that the lender owes us from their lender financing loan, and we provide the lender the rest (their profit).

  • Ownership:
  • The loan & loan agreement between the lender and the end-borrower is owned by the lender and stays on the lender's accounting books (lender's loan portfolio).
  • The loan & loan agreement between the lender financier (Go Fish Capital) and (you) the lender is owned by the lender financier and stays on the lender financier's accounting books.

  • Our Wholesale Lender Financing Interest Rate:
  • Currently as low as 10%, depending on loan size & end-borrower quality
  • This wholesale capital interest rate to lenders will become much smaller as we source lower cost capital and as interest rates begin to drop around the world.
  • Services We Provide

    You Are Covered In These Areas

    During the onboarding process, you will decide & set the minimum threshold of creditworthiness for your applicants. We provide you with a white-label web page (or code to embed the web page into your own website) equipped with Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics that allows your end-borrowers to pre-qualify themselves.

    We provide loans ranging from $500 to $100,000 with terms of 6 months or 1 to 5 years. Your lender financing loan will mirror your borrower's loan in size & term.

    Our financing to you offers 100x more capital than other lenders, allowing you to start from zero, avoid pauses for additional lender financing loan applications, and receive unlimited capital as quickly as you can deploy it.

    Pure lenders and SMEs can use GFC to create a totally automated commercial or consumer lending program where you can log into your Go Fish Capital Loan Management System at any time to view your current loan portfolio & associated lender financing loans. You are only responsible for pointing borrowers to the provided application webpage and make sure they accept a loan option. We then handle the loan servicing.


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